hassio-addons: Browserless Chrome: Add on Does not start since 2.1.0 upgrade


Since the 2.1.0 upgrade the add-on does not start. I have tried uninstalling and installing again.

Reproduction steps

1. Install v 2.1.0 of browserless chrome
2. Start

Addon Logs

exec ./start.sh: exec format error


aarch64 โ€“ corrected



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Perfect! And indeed more sustainable as v1 wonโ€™t be developed anymore. Thanks!

I can confirm. Itโ€™s works: browserless.io:limiter Job has succeeded after 5,967ms of activity. +6s browserless.io:limiter (Running: 0, Pending: 0) All jobs complete. +1ms

Thanks Alex

If everyone prefers i can revert to v1 then just let me all know Thank you but i prefer rewrite my script for V2 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


2.1.0-2 have errors:

browserless.io:index Starting metrics collection. +5ms browserless.io:error No handler or file found for resource / +0ms browserless.io:error No handler or file found for resource / +5s