Waybar: Waybar freezes upon activation of group drawers

Waybar v0.10.0 and https://github.com/Alexays/Waybar/commit/2c927de4c624d0c560f73ad78b4abc85fb703562 on sway 1.9 with GTK 3.24.41. Config:

  "modules-left": ["group/hardware"],
  "group/hardware": {
    "orientation": "inherit",
    "modules": ["cpu", "memory"],
    "drawer": {},

Hovering over the group usually causes waybar to freeze and produce high CPU load. I noticed that Group::handleMouseHover gets flooded with GDK_{ENTER,LEAVE}_NOTIFY events. I don’t see any unusual wayland events. My gtk3 distribution wasn’t compiled with G_ENABLE_DEBUG, so I didn’t check that.

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I am still experiencing an issue with 0.10.3 when entering/leaving the group parallel to the bar. Config:

    "group/group-upower": {
      "orientation": "inherit",
      "drawer": {},
      "modules": [


Should I open a new issue for this, @Alexays ? I haven’t checked whether anything of #3044 could be reused.