Waybar: Daylight saving hour breaks clock module

Waybar stopped updating the time displayed today at 01:59 AM CEST, outputting something like

[2023-10-29 02:11:00.000] [error] clock: 2023-10-29 02:11:00 is ambiguous.  It could be
2023-10-29 02:11:00 CEST == 2023-10-29 00:11:00 UTC or
2023-10-29 02:11:00 CET == 2023-10-29 01:11:00 UTC

every minute. Restarting waybar removes any displayed clock field. I have /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Brussels and date reporting Sun Oct 29 02:11:26 AM CEST 2023.

Version: Waybar v0.9.22-200-ge46f66b4 (branch 'master')

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Well, same here. Regardless, happy winter time to y’all!

Glad i’m not the only nerd not sleeping at 2am 😄

I didn’t even have to restart mine. It just started working again.

Also, I want to add that after following all of my steps, the issue didn’t solve itself immediately, even after a system reboot. It took some days before going away IIRC.

If it was a real workaround it should work immediately. The Module only breaks during the ambiguous hour, if you restart your waybar afterwards it s fine.

faketime '2023-10-29 02:05' waybar reproduces the issue for me.

LOL, I also just wanted to report that, luckily I checked again before actually submitting 😂