ask-cli: ASK Dialog simulator is reporting Display as a supportedInterface, which triggers unsupported APL Directives

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As of August 4, 2020, the ask dialog CLI simulator started invoking skills with this supportedInterfaces object:

"supportedInterfaces": {
  "Display": {
    "templateVersion": "1.0",
    "markupVersion": "1.0"

This causes our skill to respond with an APL Directive, which the CLI simulator does not support.

Expected Behavior

I would expect supportedInterfaces to be an empty object as it is with normal headless devices.

Current Behavior

Currently, all our simulation tests are failing because we are sending an unsupported APL directive to the device, which results in Alexa rendering “There was a problem with the requested skill’s response” in the CLI and sending an Invalid Directive card to

Invalid Directive
Request Identifier: null
The device does not support Alexa.Presentation.APL directives

For more details, please examine the results of this sessionId: “amzn1.echo-api.session.24c7760b-a953-4e8c-b071-a59cbec73727”

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Steps to Reproduce (for bugs)

  1. Create a replay file
  2. Run a simulation with a skill that supports APL directives
  3. Notice that the outputSpeech response is correct but the content.caption says, “There was a problem with the requested skill’s response”

Your Environment and Context

  • ask-cli version: 2.14.0

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@btburton42 I was able to reach out to person from the team that manages simulate functionality. The issue that you saw was the bug on their end and as you have noticed it has been fixed.

Regarding documentation change about moving Display from the supportedInterfaces in the simulator, I received the explanation that docs do not need to be updated. The explanation: the device that’s used for simulation is not a headless device, you can think of it as a virtual device. It can support device display if necessary.

I am going to close this issue since there are no action items for the ask cli.

@btburton42 I will close this issue since it is not related to the ask cli and you have a client rep that is helping you.

@btburton42 I will check on Monday if there a better way to communicate directly with the simulator team.