docker-alerta: Unable to access alerta API due to error in config

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  • OS: N/A

  • API version: Using image alerta/alerta-web:7.5.1

  • Deployment: Kubernetes v.1.15 on GKE

  • For self-hosted, WSGI environment: [eg. nginx/uwsgi, apache/mod_wsgi]

  • Database: Postgres

  • Server config: Auth enabled? No Auth provider? N/A Customer views? N/A (or provide the /config endpoint output)

  • web UI version: Using image alerta/alerta-web:7.5.1

  • CLI version: Using image alerta/alerta-web:7.5.1

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Deploying alerta using the helm chart
  2. Trying to access the exposed url

Getting the error below

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 4 10 28 PM


alerta-758bc87dcf-m8rd6 alerta Error: Failed to get config from http://localhost:8080/api/config. Reason: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: http://localhost:8080/api/config

From within the pod

alerta@alerta-758bc87dcf-m8rd6:/web$ cat config.json
{"endpoint": "/api"}

alerta@alerta-758bc87dcf-m8rd6:/web$ curl http://localhost:8080/api/config
Internal Server Erroralerta@alerta-758bc87dcf-m8rd6:/web$ curl http://localhost:8080/api/config

Internal Server Erroralerta@alerta-758bc87dcf-m8rd6:/web$ ls
404.html		      audio		   fonts
CNAME			      config.json	   index.html
apple-touch-icon-114x114.png  config.json.example  js
apple-touch-icon-120x120.png  css		   mstile-144x144.png
apple-touch-icon-144x144.png  favicon-128.png	   mstile-150x150.png
apple-touch-icon-152x152.png  favicon-16x16.png    mstile-310x150.png
apple-touch-icon-57x57.png    favicon-196x196.png  mstile-310x310.png
apple-touch-icon-60x60.png    favicon-32x32.png    mstile-70x70.png
apple-touch-icon-72x72.png    favicon-96x96.png
apple-touch-icon-76x76.png    favicon.ico

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