corso: v0.13.0 Backup SharePoint Error Access Denied

Hi @ryanfkeepers ,

I’ve tried the currently latest version which is v0.13.0 to do SharePoint backup using its binary executable with this command:

corso backup create sharepoint --site \
--aws-access-key none --aws-secret-access-key none \
--azure-tenant-id XXX --azure-client-id XXX --azure-client-secret XXX \
--passphrase XXX --json --retain-progress

And then it raise an error like this:

Connecting to repository:      2s done
Connecting to M365:         done

	getting root site: error status code received from the API: Access denied

Note that all commands before performing backup such as init, connect, they are all working, except the backup command is having this issue.

And also everything was working fine with the previous version v0.12.0.


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@ryanfkeepers , thanks a lot for your great support, I really appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi @vkamra,

These are the log files, I’ve prepared two of them:

I’m using Docker, for both of the log files above the command is exactly the same:

docker run --rm --name corso --network corso-network \
-v $CORSO_BASEDIR:/app/corso \ \
backup create sharepoint --site \
--aws-access-key none --aws-secret-access-key none \
--azure-tenant-id XXX --azure-client-id XXX --azure-client-secret XXX \
--passphrase XXX \
--json --retain-progress \
--log-file /app/corso/corso.log --log-level debug --mask-sensitive-data