mongo-php-adapter: Minimum required set to get up and running on Heroku fails: Package is not installed: ext-mongo-

As Heroku is quite fast with adopting PHP 7, I am looking at using this.

After reading and I came up with a short test but even the most basic composer.json fails to install:

  "provide": {
    "ext-mongo": "1.6.12"
  "require": {
    "alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter": "dev-master"

Results in

composer selfupdate

Updating to version 93501a5e3f8433e982da3518e13896ee4c0e816b.
    Downloading: 100%         
Use composer self-update --rollback to return to version d6d0435c5437111e42a123b06e4071e26ba7cb6e

composer install --ignore-platform-reqs
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies (including require-dev)

  Package is not installed: ext-mongo-  

install [--prefer-source] [--prefer-dist] [--dry-run] [--dev] [--no-dev] [--no-plugins] [--no-custom-installers] [--no-autoloader] [--no-scripts] [--no-progress] [-v|vv|vvv|--verbose] [-o|--optimize-autoloader] [-a|--classmap-authoritative] [--ignore-platform-reqs] [--] [<packages>]...

Also changed replace with provide, but same result…

Any idea where to look to at least get this installed?

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@holtkamp can you try composer install without --ignore-platform-reqs? The whole point of this provide vs. replace exercise is to get it working without using that nuclear option.