alexa_media_player: Unable to pass captcha: 3.4.4

Describe the bug on 3.4.4 i am no longer able to authenticate to amazon. deleted the integration and started from scratch. entered email, password and submit capcha challenge comes back (normally I would get a 2fa txt request) enter different capcha challenges multiple times and eventually fails and states, forgotten password detected. domain is

System details

  • Home-assistant (version): 2020-12-1
  • Hassio (Yes/No): (Please note you may have to restart hassio 2-3 times to load the latest version of alexapy after an update. This looks like a HA bug).
  • alexa_media (version from or HA startup):
  • alexapy (version from pip show alexapy or HA startup): yes
  • Amazon 2FA is enabled (y/n). We will not debug login issues if unanswered:

Logs Please provide logs. We’ll be most likely asking for them anyway.

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I’m just getting started with this and this is my first install. Can anyone post a link to instructions on how to rollback or access the 3.4.1 version? For the logs do we just paste it in the comments or is there a way to attach a file?

click on install or reinstall as the case may be in hacs. a popup will come. Change the version from 3.4.4 to 3.4.1 restart home assistant, other steps to configure remain same