alexa_media_player: Announcement stopped working on third party devices: Sonos Speakers, ecobee4, Bose

Describe the bug Announce doesn’t work, while TTS does. Until Sunday announce worked perfect on my Alexa enabled Sonos speakers (Sonos One and Beam). If i use the Aleaxa app to do the annoncement it works perfect. In the FAQ is mentioned to check that “Communications” is enabled and it is on all my speakers. But i noties that if I click on “Communications” the Alexa app get stuck loading the page. It is one of my favorite features and I use it as my doorbell annoncement.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Send announce to Sonos Alexa enabled speaker.
  2. Northing happens

Expected behavior Play announced message on every speaker taget.

System details

  • Home-assistant (version): 0.97.2
  • Hassio (Yes/No): No, plain Home-assistant docker version.
  • alexa_media (version from or HA startup): 1.4.1 (installed from HACS)
  • alexapy (version from pip show alexapy or HA startup): 0.7.1

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same here, both on Echo Dot and Echo Spot announcements stopped working, TTS does work. (

@martin3000 your pickle likely expired if nothing has changed. Please try renaming and relogging in and seeing if it resolves.