alacritty: Windows: startup_mode: Maximized no longer works

System: Windows 10, Alacritty 0.3.3.

Using startup_mode: Maximized has the same effect as startup_mode: Windowed. However, Fullscreen works fine.

This seems to be a regression compared to before.

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I get the same behavior as @Jiehong with 0.4.2 on Windows 10 Version 1909.

Relevant section of config:

  # Window dimensions (changes require restart)
  # Specified in number of columns/lines, not pixels.
  # If both are `0`, this setting is ignored.
    columns: 0
    lines: 0

  # Window position (changes require restart)
  # Specified in number of pixels.
  # If the position is not set, the window manager will handle the placement.
  #  x: 0
  #  y: 0

  # Window padding (changes require restart)
  # Blank space added around the window in pixels. This padding is scaled
  # by DPI and the specified value is always added at both opposing sides.
    x: 0
    y: 0

  # Spread additional padding evenly around the terminal content.
  dynamic_padding: false

  # Window decorations
  # Values for `decorations`:
  #     - full: Borders and title bar
  #     - none: Neither borders nor title bar
  # Values for `decorations` (macOS only):
  #     - transparent: Title bar, transparent background and title bar buttons
  #     - buttonless: Title bar, transparent background, but no title bar buttons
  decorations: full

  # Startup Mode (changes require restart)
  # Values for `startup_mode`:
  #   - Windowed
  #   - Maximized
  #   - Fullscreen
  # Values for `startup_mode` (macOS only):
  #   - SimpleFullscreen
  startup_mode: Maximized

I went back to 0.4.0 and it worked

I’ll do that now.

Seems like upstream is fixed now with

@chrisduerr The example had the same results, I’ve reported the issue upstream w/ winit.

@chrisduerr Your patch had some issues,

[alacritty]$ git apply fullscreen.patch
[alacritty]$ cargo build --release
   Compiling alacritty_terminal v0.3.3 (C:\cygwin64\usr\local\src\alacritty\alacritty_terminal)
error: unexpected close delimiter: `}`
   --> alacritty_terminal\src\

There was an extra “)” character from “any” that wasn’t removed, I removed the extra “)” and got another compilation error:

error[E0599]: no method named `is_x11` found for type `window::Window` in the current scope
   --> alacritty_terminal\src\
249 |             StartupMode::Maximized if window.is_x11() => window.set_maximized(true),
    |                                              ^^^^^^
   ::: alacritty_terminal\src\
59  | pub struct Window {
    | ----------------- method `is_x11` not found for this

I removed if window.is_x11(), it compiled, but startup_mode: Maximized still behaves the same.