alacritty: [Regression] broken `htop` display

currently affected master: 715d4f8

working revision: 82c9235

spectacle qq8577

Steps to reproduce:

  1. htop
  2. wait a few seconds


96a1503040787006a45a69dc55916d983d96421e is the first bad commit

commit 96a1503040787006a45a69dc55916d983d96421e
Author: Anders Rasmussen <>
Date:   Mon Feb 27 19:12:04 2017 +1100

    Update cell to cursor template when adding a tab.

:040000 040000 3eccbe6686773a3c4a7af2d9f1b392be20697b0e 6c49e2ea7f92f46bdcdd40f594624e54af9b631b M	src

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Yes, i have these bugs without tmux.

Out of curiosity, of those who can still reproduce this bug, with or without tmux, could you try to see if you can also reproduce #540?

I’ve just tried on latest master, I can also confirm weird rendering of htop, but it happens (much more often / only) inside tmux. The #540 is however reproducible both with and without tmux, and I’m still wondering if this is the same bug.

Look at the missing rows and at the USER column, tmux is on the left.