alacritty: Redraw failure

Since the last two releases I’ve been experiencing these redrawing errors with neovim/tmux on macOS. On some lines the screen simply does not redraw. Reverting back to 0.3.0, the problem disappears again.

Gif of the problem: screen

OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.4 Alacritty version: 0.3.1/0.3.2

Config changes (all working in 0.3.0):

  • 0 padding
  • no decorations
  • fonts
  • colors scheme
  • two keybindings

config file

Furthermore, the following commands don’t report anything unordinary during the event:

alacritty -vvv
alacritty --print-events

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@chrisduerr, the commit seems the have fixed the bug here.

@kchibisov thanks, compiling the latest master fixed! Thanks!

@benmezger you should try the latest master, since this fix wasn’t “released”.

Not sure if helpful, but the underlines are shown correctly with the correct color, even though the text is missing.

Could you bisect which specific commit broke this?

I’ll have a go at it now.