alacritty: Mocp drawing is broken

Which operating system does the issue occur on? Linux

If on linux, are you using X11 or Wayland? X11

I could have sworn this was fixed in the past. But I can not find the previous issue for this, so I guess this might have been on IRC (or it was only in my dreams…)

The issue is that mocp uses a terminal command to draw/redraw the progress bar. However it seems like this command is not working as it should in alacritty.

The issue happens when playing an audio file and the progress bar is moving along the bottom: mocp2

The the progress bar hits the same position as the square bracket time stamp, the left most cell will vanish and there will be a gap in the progress bar too.

IIRC, this was a problem in the early days of alacritty too. But back then it was because the terminal command code used in this operation was not implemented. So this is a regression of sorts. But I don’t know when the regression happened…

This happens with TERM set to either alacritty or xterm

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It seems like it is 0c3e28617a95b4ca30ad9bdbb9114f1e4d41dce5 that breaks it. 21f888ec4149e3078830dfcf9a17adda0ec7623a works as it should.

Yes both gets fixed if I revert the changes made to src/term/ in 0c3e286

This works as it should in the 0.1.1 release. So this seems to be a regression. I’ll try to narrow down the commit that broke it.