alacritty: [macOS] Inline Composition Buffer doesn't show cursor.

Inline Composition Buffer doesn’t show cursor.

Input methods like macOS built-in ones may use inline composition buffer (ICB). It may show a cursor when expected. However, in Alacritty (as of 0.13.1), the cursor in the ICB is missing.



OS: macOS 14.4 Sonoma Version: 0.13.1 // alacritty --version doesn’t work.


Crashes: STDERR, STDOUT Font/Terminal size: alacritty -vv Keyboard and bindings: alacritty --print-events

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I just have it bolder than it should be, it’s the same in nearly all terminals I’ve used on linux. Just beam could be also fine, but you can not really indicate selection with just beam, but you can with such cursor just by enlarging it.

I’d need a --print-events log to tell what is expected or not. But cursor can be hidden in some cases.