alacritty: Duplicated lines on window maximisation

Fedora 31 with Sway git (352a3e1f) and alacritty HEAD as of today (24651a6). Switching window between FS and windowed several times gives a duplicated line each time, with the result: screen2 For reference my PS1 is

__git_ps1 () {
    local b="$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2>/dev/null)";
    if [ -n "$b" ]; then
        printf " (%s)" "${b##refs/heads/}";
function prompt {
local WHITE="\[\033[1;37m\]"
local GREEN="\[\033[0;32m\]"
local CYAN="\[\033[0;36m\]"
local GRAY="\[\033[0;37m\]"
local BLUE="\[\033[0;34m\]"
local YELLOW="\[\033[1;33m\]"
export PS1="${YELLOW}[\$(date +'%a %l:%M%p')]${WHITE} \u@$(hostname -s)${GREEN}"'$(__git_ps1 "(%s) ") '"${WHITE}\w/\$ "

Possibly duplicate of #1668 but this is a different platform and shell so posted a new bug. Thanks!

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Fix works a treat, thanks!