alacritty: Cursor doesn't behave according to Vim/Neovim's settings


OS: Windows Version: 0.7.0-dev (f701b22)


There are some issues with the cursor. For instance if I put the following in my init.vim/vimrc:

highlight Cursor ctermbg=white ctermfg=white guibg=white guifg=white

The cursor should become completely white. But that doesn’t happen. No matter what I do, the cursor foreground (aka character) doesn’t change color, only the cursor background changes.

Another issue is with the shape… Put the following in init.vim/vimrc:

set guicursor = a:hor20-Cursor

The cursor should become an horizontal bar that’s 20% filled. Instead, what happens is that it becomes a thin horizontal bar, no matter what percentage I specify. The same applies to the vertical cursor. It seems that the only possible cursor shapes are block cursor, thin vertical cursor and thin horizontal cursor, but nothing in between.

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I think the solution should be on Vim side. Add this into your vimrc:

augroup reset_cursor_shape
  autocmd VimEnter * normal! :startinsert :stopinsert
  autocmd VimEnter * redraw!
augroup END

See if it makes a difference. A detailed description can be found in this wiki page of my dotfiles.

There’s an option in the configuration file to set the thickness of those cursors.