alacritty: Couldn't find any pixel format that matches the criterias

Using Arch Linux with X11 which is fully up too date, an error occurs when trying to open alacritty.

Alacritty encountered an unrecoverable error:

Error creating GL context; Couldn't find any pixel format that matches the criterias.

I’m using a NVIDIA Geforce 760 GTX video card with the latest propietary video drivers (396.18).

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@paul-tcell can you check if #1279 fixes this problem for you?

that branch gives me this error:

[2018-12-12 15:30] [ERROR] Alacritty encountered an unrecoverable error:

	There was an error initializing the shaders: failed compiling shader: ERROR: 0:14: '' :  version '330' is not supported
ERROR: 0:14: '' : syntax error: #version
ERROR: 0:15: 'layout' : syntax error: syntax error

which means maybe this fixes this issue and I am hitting the next one 🙂 looks like

Just to verify, it was indeed the latest master, cloned fresh. I will be going though all this again a bit later, having just re-installed my nvidia driver. I’ll be starting with a fresh master again, I’ll leave the source code alone and see what happens. If it fails, I’ll edit the srgb bit and try again, but I’ll leave the transparency alone. And yes, the lack of decorations was my fault 😃