alacritty: Certain modifiers fail in `kakoune`

I found at least two type of modifiers that stopped working on 0.13 that worked before on 0.12.

  • ctrl + [ does not trigger ESC-equivalent behaviour in kakoune.
    • Interestingly enough the same action continues to work in vim?
  • alt + shift combinations fail to register, so I checked eg. alt + shift + ! (append command output), alt + K (keep not matching), alt + N (extend reverse search).

I assume these issues have a wider impact than just kakoune but I found it the easiest to reproduce it there. It possibly might be a duplicate considering a wave of keyboard input related issues lately but none so far seems to match exactly that. Sorry in advance.


OS: Arch Linux Version: alacritty 0.13.0 (78fa4d6f) Linux/BSD: Wayland, sway


This should be quite trivial to reproduce, can provide logs if necessary though.

Thanks a lot for looking into it. Fantastic project and amazing work, lots of love ❤️

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I think it’s due to kakoune really wanting associated text, I’ll try to write a patch.