alacritty: Can't input ~^´`¨[]{} and @ with Portuguese keyboard on macOS

Using macOS 10.13 and the Portuguese keyboard layout, I can’t get Alacritty (and therefore neovim) to input these symbols ~^´`¨[]{}@ I installed Alacritty from master today.

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Ok, luckily right after writing my last comment, I’ve found out my config had partly wrong indention. First you have to set alt_send_esc: false and then be sure it’s on the top level of the config hierarchy (not indented). For example:

  program: /usr/local/bin/bash
    - --login
# Send ESC (\x1b) before characters when alt is pressed.
alt_send_esc: false

This disables sending escape sequences when using Alt/Option combinations.

The issue seems to be resolved now!

Does this still happen on the latest version of Alacritty?