alacritty: BUG(?): Forced Maximized Window

Alacritty on debian buster starts on maximized which can’t be turned off using fullscreen: false or start_maximized in alacritty.yml.

OS: Debian Buster DM: X11 with --scale 2x2 DE: GNOME aptli: Default config:

start_maximized value does not affect the allacrity on startup

# When true, alacritty starts maximized.
  start_maximized: false

From i tried to add: fullscreen: false under and above window which does not affect it.

Didn’t find any instructions to configure alacritty in

default alacritty.yml doesn’t have anything else related to fullscreen/maximized.

tried gsettings set org.gnome.mutter auto-maximize false from which doesn’t affect alacritty.

Expected to start in windowed mode.

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alacritty --config-file /dev/null

It can be reproduced using command above.

And has this never worked before, or is this a regression?

Never worked before on this OS.