alacritty: alacritty sometimes doesn't react to input until the next input event

alacritty sometimes doesn’t react to input (simple things like typing a letter, deleting a letter, or moving cursor). If I make another input, then the previous input is also processed and it immediately catches up. If I wait, it may not refresh the image on screen indefinitely.

It happens approximately with every Nth keypress (3 < N < 25).

Interesting observation: this problem doesn’t reproduce if I launch alacritty with option --print-events from another terminal (and don’t redirect the output to a file). But this option doesn’t change anything if I launch alacritty from a .desktop entry. Probably the action of printing something to a real terminal triggers the necessary redraw.

If I login using Wayland instead of X11 (no other changes to anything), the bug also doesn’t reproduce. Unfortunately Wayland breaks a whole lot of other stuff currently, so it’s not an easy workaround.

I would think that it’s not an alacritty bug, but I used a lot of software on this system, and only alacritty has this problem.


OS: Linux Version: alacritty 0.7.2 (5ac8060b) X11, GNOME 40.0.0 GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5xx series, using free driver (amdgpu)


Result of running alacritty --print-events > ~/Downloads/alacritty_print_events.txt 2>&1 and reproducing the problem twice by repeatedly typing a letter: alacritty_print_events.txt Note: if I don’t redirect the output to file, but simply run alacritty --print-events from another terminal, then the bug doesn’t reproduce.

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Same issue OS: Solus 4.3 Kernel: 5.13.12-193.current DE: X11 (Budgie) GPU: GTX 1080ti with 470.63.01 drivers

I’m not aware of any parts of Alacritty that might cause such behavior.

I can however try testing different distros, and/or proprietary AMD GPU driver, do you think that could possibly help?

Yeah, I’ve been considering that. I think your best choice would be to test the proprietary AMD GPU driver. Including the OpenGL one though, because chances are if there’s an issue it’s in the OpenGL driver (mesa).

Distro shouldn’t matter, while window manager might I’d say it’s unlikely.

I would think that it’s not an alacritty bug, but I used a lot of software on this system, and only alacritty has this problem.

Sounds almost like an issue with GPU driver.

Has this always been a problem, or is this a regression? Can you maybe try the latest master?

I only recently tried alacritty for the first time ever, so I don’t know. I’ll try latest master soon when I have a moment.