alacritty: Alacritty --title seems to not set Wayland title

Running the latest master under Sway/Wayland and Gentoo it seems like running Alacritty with -t foo doesn’t correctly set the title on Wayland. For example, I have the following line in my Sway config

set $menu gnome-terminal --profile aopen -t aopen --class aopen -- ~/bin/aopen
for_window [title="aopen"] floating enable, border none

This works file, here’s an example


Changing that line to use Alacritty, looks like this

set $menu ~/src/alacritty/target/release/alacritty --title aopen --class aopen -e ~/bin/aopen
for_window [title="aopen"] floating enable, border none

And yields the following, incorrect, result image

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Finally! And it looks good to me - title is set in new instances as expected.

Thanks for your help, @chrisduerr

Awesome! Thanks everyone for all the hard work!

@rkanati Glutin 0.20 has actually been released and it does include the desired functionality.

Thanks @nostdm for the confirmation. I’ve created #2180 to update the change log entry to show this change.

Not sure if the fix has propagated all the way, but with the current build of alacritty (master), running alacritty --title=foo creates a window with a blank/null title in sway.

The same thing happens when I do alacritty -e vim foo.txt the title is blank.

Update: Setting set title and set titlestring=%t in vimrc fixes the second issue for me so that vim sets the window title instead of alacritty.

I found a workaround! Apparently alacritty does set app_id correctly! So the following works:

set $menu ~/src/alacritty/target/release/alacritty -d 80 20 -t aopen --class aopen -e ~/bin/aopen
for_window [app_id="aopen"] floating enable, border none


@nostdm @trimental A quick check of glutin 0.19’s Cargo.toml shows it depends on winit 0.18, which doesn’t include trimental’s fix… because glutin 0.19 was released in November. Dang.

A new release of glutin sure would be nice.

Edit: It looks like the maintainers are trying to release 0.20, but they’re having their own problems. Hopefully soon.