alacritty: `--title` flag doesn't work anymore

Arch Linux, kernel 4.16, X11

alacritty 0.1.0

$ alacritty --title "scratchpad"
$ xprop # and select the alacritty window

Expected to see the window title set to “scratchpad”, instead it is the default, “Alacritty”.

I think it stopped working since updating to winit 0.15, so it may be an issue with that library.

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Looks pretty simple to do, you can add a WM_CLASS parameter to platform_builder_ext.

I’m currently working on another PR (on this branch) that will ensure --title disables the dynamic_title so this flag will work as expected. For now you can use the --title flag by disabling that configuration manually.

#1351 fixes this issue, so it should be good once that’s merged.

same issue here (also using alacritty as a scratchpad 😎)

I know what I’m (trying to) do tonight. This is currently the only reason I use termite at all these days.

Not until someone makes it possible to change the values passed to with_class.