OSS-DocumentScanner: [Bug]. Import/Export Function is broken

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Export config.
  2. Import config
  3. Click on “Restart” -> The following Message appears: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getActivity')

It needs to be checked whether this is a bug in import or export.

Here’s the config file: alpimaps_settings_2023-12-17.json

OSS Document Scanner Version: 1.1.4 Build 9

System & Device Info: OS version: 9 Bootloader: G950FXXUCDVI1, VM: ART Kernel: 4.4.111-21427293 Brand: samsung, Model: SM-G950F Board: universal8895, Manufacturer: samsung

SDK Target: 28, Min: 17

Security Root: false Encryption: Encrypted (FDE) Patch level: April 1, 2021

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Yes export and import both work as expected!

@Raj9039852537 thanks must have broken something as it was working. will look

@Raj9039852537 thanks i fixed all those bugs. New release today

Finally solved 👍

@Raj9039852537 @user8446 should be fixed in latest.

Thanks Re crop bug is fixed in release 11