react-native-ui-kitten: rkCalendar cause application to crash at start

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Issue description

Current behavior:

Some components in node_modules, like RkCalendarDay, cause application to crash at start. Even if the components aren’t used in the application.

Dependency: react-native-ui-kitten": "github:akveo/react-native-ui-kitten

Expected behavior:

Application will be launched after expo start.

Steps to reproduce:

Delete node_modules, run npm install, start application with `expo start´ and try to run the application on your device.

Related code:

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Other information:

OS, device, package version

iOS, Simulator and physical device

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Hi @artyorsh Thanks @dhwanilvyas, in my case, there are more components affected. I changed the proptypes in the following components and my application works as expected again:

rkCalendarDay.component.js line 52-56 rkCalendarWeek.component.js line 35 rkCalendarMonth.component.js line 40 rkCalendarDaysNames.component.js line 18 rkCalendarMonthHeader.component.js line 19 rkCalendarView.component.js line 71 rkTab.components.js line 37-38 rkTabBar.component.js line 33-34 rkTabBarIndicator.component.js line 25-26 rkTabPager.component.js line 30


This line here seems to be causing the issue I guess. Changing to fixes the issue for me.

This issue is in tabset component as well.

I’m can send in a PR if this fixes the issue 😄

Any News on this Bug ?

Why has nobody submitted a PR for this yet? Or even updated their fork of this repo on their GitHub? The easiest thing to get this library working as it did earlier is to simply use version 3.1.2 for the time being.

In your project’s package.json:

"react-native-ui-kitten": "3.1.2",

For all faced this issue, you can use v3.1.2 if you’re not going to use RkCalendar and RkTabView:

npm i react-native-ui-kitten@3.1.2

We’re sorry for such type of trouble

Can we downgrade to a stable version? which version does not have this problem?