ngx-admin: Error: HtmlWebpackPlugin: could not load file

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`Html Webpack Plugin: Error: HtmlWebpackPlugin: could not load file C:\Users\PerArneA\IdeaProjects\s ondre-prosjekt\dll\

  • index.js:313 [sondre-prosjekt]/[html-webpack-plugin]/index.js:313:27

  • util.js:16 tryCatcher [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/util.js:16:23

  • promise.js:510 Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/promise.js:510:31

  • promise.js:567 Promise._settlePromise [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/promise.js:567:18

  • promise.js:612 Promise._settlePromise0 [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/promise.js:612:10

  • promise.js:687 Promise._settlePromises [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/promise.js:687:18

  • async.js:133 Async._drainQueue [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/async.js:133:16

  • async.js:143 Async._drainQueues [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/async.js:143:10

  • async.js:17 Immediate.Async.drainQueues [sondre-prosjekt]/[bluebird]/js/release/async.js:17:14 `

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The problem is a wrong configuration of add-asset-html-webpack-plugin ( So, either you generate some source maps or turn it off (parameter: includeSourcemap, default: true)

Solved by creating empty files and in dll folder.

@loxy Thanks, this is correct

      filepath: path.resolve(__dirname,'../client/build/*.js'),
      includeSourcemap: false // add this parameter

me too facing same issue @LexZhukov

@LexZhukov thanks for your last commit, I also put these changes and it helped me!

@perara try to check the latest update from the develop branch. Also, reinstall dependencies and remove the dll folder.