react-native-router-flux: Tabs flag for swiping not working


Tell us which versions you are using:

  • react-native-router-flux 4.0.0-beta.40
  • react-native 0.55.4

Expected behaviour

When the flag swipeEnabled is set to true, user should be able to swipe through the tabs

I have my tabs layout like this:

 <Tabs key="tabbar" tabs={true} swipeEnabled={true} showLabel={false} hideNavBar style={{ marginTop: -50 }} type={ActionConst.RESET}>
   <Scene key="contacts" component={Contacts} hideNavBar type={ActionConst.RESET}/>
   <Scene key="chats" component={Chats} hideNavBar initial={true} type={ActionConst.RESET}/>
   <Scene key="profile" component={Profile} hideNavBar type={ActionConst.RESET}/>

The same goes for not be able to hide the tab Bar Component which is at the bottom by default.

Actual behaviour

Swiping is not available. Only works switching via bottom nav

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<Router> <Tabs key="root" tabs={true} legacy={true} swipeEnabled={true} tabBarPosition={'bottom'}> <Scene hideNavBar key="login" component={Login} title="Login"/> <Scene hideNavBar key="register" component={Register} title="Register"/> <Scene hideNavBar key="home" component={Home}/> </Tabs> </Router>

legacy={true} this works for me

Some additional info, I can confirm this is working as described. But if you use a custom tabBarComponent and try to use Action.jump(key) in it, it won’t trigger the sliding animation.


Solved by using props.jumpTo(key) instead of Action.jump(key).


It’s not working in android. The state of the scene and the state of the tabBarComponent gets desynchronized somehow.

@SourceCipher Could you create new issue for this problem? It seems hard to fix, onNavigationStateChange is called AFTER react components are mounted.

We are using our library on production, too pity that it doesn’t work for you. You may create separate ticket for every issue you have with reproducible fork of Example project. For Android issues please ask @daviscabral

Ok I just fixed by doing this “cheat”. To make tabs to swipe, make sure you have set tabBarPosition='top'.

To disable the tabBarComponent you have to return null as a component. To do so just do tabBarComponent={() => null}

By adding these 2 to a Tabs component it will make your tabs swiping without even setting swipeEnabled={true}