goneovim: 0.4.11: no indentation lines and some display problems.

  1. I can’t enable indent guide for goneovim. It’s already has IndentGuide = true in the config file.
  2. for Perl or Python scripts (etc, goneovim doesn’t have problem with C++ or Go) black texts are displayed in black background: Screenshot_20210328_073506 If I resize the window: Screenshot_20210328_073533 Here how neovim-qt render the same file: Screenshot_20210328_073332

I use colorscheme peachpuff in neovim init.vim.

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@antsn Thanks for the report. It seems that this problem was not completely fixed before. I think I have fixed it, so could you please check the behavior with the latest build below.


@antsn Sorry for late reply! What is the whole content of setting.toml? A minimal indentation guide setting should look like this;

IndentGuide = true

This bug still occurs!

  • neovim 0.5.0
  • cleaned neovim setup (emptied configuration file)
  • setting.toml has only option IndentGuide = true