react-slick: Problem in rendering Slider with dynamic children

If I render Slider as below:

<Slider {...settings}>
    { => (
        <div key={slide.index}>{slide.index}</div>

nextProps.children.length in componentWillReceiveProps of class InnerSlider will always returns 1 which breaks the sliding logic.

Does Slider not expect dynamic children?

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Hey chochihim, it looks like you’re not returning your <div> inside map()


<Slider {...settings}>
    { => (
        return (<div key={slide.index}>{slide.index}</div>);

@hackhat I had exactly the same issue and fixed by adding data-index attribute to my slide elements, more or less like this:

<Slider {...settings}>
  {, index) => (
    <div data-index={index} key={index}>{index}</div>

I’ve just started adding this library to my project, so I’m not sure if it won’t cause some other issues later on.

@samplefrequency Agreed. I will try to fix it soon

Solved it. Writing it here for ppl who run into this in the future :

Had help from a colleague and he pointed out that I needed only to take out the div from this line

</Slider> : null }

Apparently, if I leave it there, the Slider will pick up that one big <div>and count that, which means it will not render according to the other many <div></div> s within it.

Side note: I didn’t even need the data-index in the .map, though the ternary is still needed for fallback purposes.

Code now looks like this:

 {this.props.listingGalleryImages.loaded === true &&
   <div className="container">
       {this.renderGallery(listing).length > 0 ? 
        <Slider {...settings}>{this.renderGallery(listing) </Slider> : null }

@kevin700brands You might have missed importing the CSS files:

just try adding the two lines of code in ur app.js file:

import "slick-carousel/slick/slick.css";
import "slick-carousel/slick/slick-theme.css";

As a quick workaround, you can mount slider only if you have slides.

{slides.length > 0 ? <Slider>{slides}</Slider> : null }

+1 same here. basically this line fails return elem.getBoundingClientRect().height || elem.offsetHeight; because elem is null. It comes from slickList.querySelector('[data-index="0"]').

version 15.3.2 Cannot read property ‘getBoundingClientRect’ of null

@walston no, mine is valid shorthand

In my jsfiddle example, the initial rendering is fine but not after clicking ‘Add slide’.

When will this fix be added to NPM?

@ypyang237 Just as a side note, instead of the ternary

this.renderGallery(listing).length > 0 ? 
        <Slider {...settings}>{this.renderGallery(listing) </Slider> : null

You could actually use && to make it shorter:

( this.renderGallery(listing).length > 0 ) && <Slider {...settings}>{this.renderGallery(listing) </Slider>

@andricicezar Still won’t fix the issue if the array starts off empty and is later populated via AJAX or from a Redux store.

@szimek That’s the same thing I did, but something doesn’t feel right about it.