ajv: Ajv bundle in CDNjs is broken, add draft 2020 to CDN

I would like to use Ajv in a web page. For that purpose, I need to lead AJV as a standalone JavaScript file.

I have tried to follow the instructions here and to load a script from the CDN: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/ajv/8.6.1 but it didn’t work.

What script exactly should I load from the CDN? ajv.2019.min.js or ajv.2019.bundle.js?

I am sorry if I missed something…

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This solved the problem with add uri and uri-reference to formats. I don’t quite know how i found it. It’s quite prized at this point, maybe!

addFormats(ajv, {mode: “full”, formats: [“uri-reference”, “uri”], keywords: true});

I don’t use ajv in the browser but I’d be happy to take a look after Nov 20th (I’m on my honeymoon right now)