remix-validated-form: [Bug]: version 4.4.2 post empty form in low version browser

Which packages are impacted?

  • remix-validated-form
  • @remix-validated-form/with-zod
  • @remix-validated-form/with-yup
  • zod-form-data

What version of these packages are you using?

  • “remix-validated-form”: “4.4.2”

Please provide a link to a minimal reproduction of the issue.


Steps to Reproduce the Bug or Issue

  1. Using low version browser, like chrome 69.0
  2. This bug is brought in version remix-validated-form 4.4.2.

Expected behavior

form post empty form body.

Screenshots or Videos

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  • OS: Window
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Version: 69.0

Additional context

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About this issue

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  • Created 2 years ago
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Most upvoted comments

Yes, it’s fixed. Nice job.

Should be fixed in the latest beta: remix-validated-form@4.5.0-beta.1.

Can install with npm install remix-validated-form@beta.

Tagging relevant commits / code in remix itself.

Looks like this change hasn’t been released in remix itself yet. It may be worth reverting for now, but I do want to keep this in-line with what remix is doing. Once they release that change, it would be good to file an issue with remix to see what their response is.