WLED: Crash when streaming data over UDP

What happened?

When using audio-reactive-led-strip to send LED data over UDP the ESP32 reboots after about 10sec of streaming with the following message:

Guru Meditation Error: Core  1 panic'ed (LoadStoreError). Exception was unhandled.
Core 1 register dump:
PC      : 0x4010f783  PS      : 0x00060c30  A0      : 0x8011450f  A1      : 0x3ffb1e60
A2      : 0xffffffff  A3      : 0x3ffb1e70  A4      : 0x3ffffffe  A5      : 0x0004e18e  
A6      : 0x3ffc7ecc  A7      : 0x3ffb1e70  A8      : 0x8010f798  A9      : 0x3ffb1e40  
A10     : 0x00000000  A11     : 0x00000000  A12     : 0x00000000  A13     : 0x00000000
A14     : 0x00000000  A15     : 0x00000000  SAR     : 0x0000000a  EXCCAUSE: 0x00000003  
EXCVADDR: 0x40000001  LBEG    : 0x400014fd  LEND    : 0x4000150d  LCOUNT  : 0xfffffffe

ELF file SHA256: 0000000000000000

Backtrace: 0x4010f780:0x3ffb1e60 0x4011450c:0x3ffb1f50 0x40114f1e:0x3ffb1f90 0x401338ad:0x3ffb1fb0 0x4008b89e:0x3ffb1fd0
  #0  0x4010f780:0x3ffb1e60 in handleNotifications() at wled00/udp.cpp:530 (discriminator 1)
  #1  0x4011450c:0x3ffb1f50 in WLED::loop() at wled00/wled.cpp:62
  #2  0x40114f1e:0x3ffb1f90 in loop() at Z:/git/github/WLED/wled00/wled00.ino:20
  #3  0x401338ad:0x3ffb1fb0 in loopTask(void*) at C:\Users\romai\.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif32\cores\esp32/main.cpp:23
  #4  0x4008b89e:0x3ffb1fd0 in vPortTaskWrapper at /home/cschwinne/esp32-arduino-lib-builder/esp-idf/components/freertos/port.c:355 (discriminator 1)


Running 75e857a5104c4c0b0c9761e69c8cb154cedb3320 with the following PIO config as suggested here https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/issues/3637#issuecomment-1875120887

extends = env:esp32dev
monitor_filters = esp32_exception_decoder 
build_flags = ${common.build_flags_esp32} ${common.debug_flags} -D WLED_RELEASE_NAME=ESP32_debug

To Reproduce Bug

Run visualisation.py from https://github.com/scottlawsonbc/audio-reactive-led-strip Update config.py with the correct IP and UDP port.

Expected Behavior

Should run without crashing.

Install Method


What version of WLED?

WLED 0.14.1-b3 (build 2401060)

Which microcontroller/board are you seeing the problem on?


Relevant log/trace output

No response

Anything else?

May be related to #3637

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Yes, you are correct. on more thorough inspection there are other possible valid packets <5.