aiomysql: SSCursor can't close while raise Error

if server send a error to SSCurosr, SSCursor try to call self._result._finish_unbuffered_query in close function

# SSCursor close funcion in line 604
if self._result is not None and self._result is conn._result:
    await self._result._finish_unbuffered_query()

but there is not a byte to read after recived a error packge, so the loop is allways waiting in the time, the error could’t raise out .

# _finish_unbuffered_query function in line 1197  
while self.unbuffered_active:
    packet = await self.connection._read_packet()

I met the bug after I seted a mysql variable


a SELECT statement will be aborted if it takes more than 3s.

the connection received a error package with erorno 3024, but the loop is waiting packge to finitshed unbuffered_query

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they actually can, you need to carefully craft the queries though.

example (mysql 8.0):

mysql> SELECT /*+ MAX_EXECUTION_TIME(1) */ data, sleep(1) FROM test;
ERROR 3024 (HY000): Query execution was interrupted, maximum statement execution time exceeded

from mysql 8.0 docs about SLEEP():

When SLEEP() is the only thing invoked by a query that is interrupted, it returns 1 and the query itself returns no error.

When SLEEP() is only part of a query that is interrupted, the query returns an error

the key takeaway is that sleep cannot be the only part of the query.

see for example isn’t ported yet - once I’ve done that I’ll close this.

I fixed the issue for pymysql in the commit