aiomysql: PyPi releases do not always match repo code

While trying to work out why installing 0.0.17 still triggered the issue outlined in #302, I started looking at other versions and discovered that a few of them don’t appear to match the code tagged for that release in this repo.

I’ve done a rudimentary check on the last 5 versions by doing a very lazy test, just checking if the version of pymysql matches between the git tag and the pypi release, here are the results:

0.0.15: match

$ docker container run -it --rm python pip install aiomysql==0.0.15 | grep -F 'Collecting PyMySQL'                                                                                                                 
Collecting PyMySQL>=0.7.5 (from aiomysql==0.0.15)

0.0.16: doesn’t match

$ docker container run -it --rm python pip install aiomysql==0.0.16 | grep -F 'Collecting PyMySQL'
Collecting PyMySQL<0.9,>=0.7.5 (from aiomysql==0.0.16)

0.0.17: doesn’t match

$ docker container run -it --rm python pip install aiomysql==0.0.17 | grep -F 'Collecting PyMySQL'
Collecting PyMySQL<=0.9.2,>=0.9 (from aiomysql==0.0.17)

0.0.18: no release

$ docker container run -it --rm python pip install aiomysql==0.0.18 | grep -F 'Collecting PyMySQL'
err: No matching distribution found for aiomysql==0.0.18

0.0.19: match

$ docker container run -it --rm python pip install aiomysql==0.0.19 | grep -F 'Collecting PyMySQL'
Collecting PyMySQL<=0.9.2,>=0.9 (from aiomysql==0.0.19)

At best this is awfully confusing because according to the code 0.0.17 was the first release to have the conservative version pinning for pymysql, but in fact that’s some how made it into the 0.0.16 release (which the code doesn’t reflect) but not into 0.0.17.

It’s a little unsettling to find that the versions released in PyPi don’t always match the tagged code releases. Is this some sort of mistake or quirk in the shipping process? 😕

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