pytorch-topological: TypeError: 'PersistenceInformation' object is not iterable

How can I handle non-iterable "PersistenceInformationā€™ in the TopologicalModel classification model? The error comes from: pers_info = make_tensor(pers_info). I also tried torch.tensor(pers_info) and got the error that pers_info is not a sequence.

Finally, pers_info is the VR complex of weights in a torch.tensor. I am not sure if that matters.

Thank you.

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Sure thing!

Wait, maybe this is documented incorrectly, but the VR complex should also be able to handle a 3D tensor, with the first dimension going over batches.

Very kind of you šŸ˜ƒ Feel free to reach out to discuss this in general!

I think in this case, a viable way could be to try to map an article by an author into a point cloud, then get the persistence diagram as a shape descriptor. If you batch over articles or authors, you can then compare the corresponding representations. Sounds like a very exciting topic to me!