million: npx @million/lint@latest gatsby.js option doesn't work with gatsby-node.ts

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Describe the Bug

Running npx @million/lint@latest in gatsby project. I have my Gatsby config files as ts. After choosing the framework as Gatsby, instead of editing existing gatsby-node.ts file. it just created fresh gatsby-node.js with onCreateWebpackConfig hook.

PS: I already have million/compiler setup in gatsby-node.ts. In this case, should I use both?

import million from 'million/compiler'
import { webpack } from '@million/lint';

export const onCreateWebpackConfig: GatsbyNode['onCreateWebpackConfig'] =
  function onCreateWebpackConfig({ actions }): void {
      plugins: [webpack(), million.webpack({ mode: 'react', server: true, auto: true })],

Thank you for your great work and project!

What’s the expected result?

It should edit existing ts file and editing existing onCreateWebpackConfig function, instead of creating js file.

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  • I am willing to submit a pull request for this issue.

Update: getting an error while running gatsby dev:

 ⚡ Million Lint v0.0.58
 ✓ Ready in 0.64ms

  ⚡ Million.js 3.0.3
  - Tip:     use // million-ignore for errors
  - Hotline:

 ⚡ <Html> now renders ~50% faster
 ⚡ <Unverified> now renders ~33% faster
 ⚡ <ProfileIncomplete> now renders ~40% faster
 🎁 Million Wrapped:
 ⚡ <DropdownOption> now renders ~83% faster
 ⚡ <ListBox> now renders ~67% faster


There was an error compiling the html.js component for the development server.
See our docs page on debugging HTML builds for help ReferenceError:
navigator is not defined

  1 | import { useEffect, useState } from "react";
> 2 | var isInputPendingSupported = "scheduling" in navigator &&
    | ^
  3 |     navigator.scheduling &&
  4 |     "isInputPending" in navigator.scheduling;
  5 | var tasks = [];

  WebpackError: ReferenceError: navigator is not defined

commenting out webpack() fixes an issue.

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update: updated to 0.0.66, still getting navigator error

I’m having this same issue, thanks for working on it! I have mostly the same setup, except I set mine up according to the automatic instructions here:

@lmsutter I think that’s a completely different issue with million itself and not million lint. Let me know, if yes, create another issue please. Thank you so much.