million: bug: Typescript files are not being compiled, when I add million.webpack() to my webpack 5 configuration

Hi @aidenybai Filing this issue again. The original can be seen here. #476

I tried with both v2.5.0 and latest which installed 2.5.2-beta.0 and get the following errors. million-error

using windows 11, VS Code and:

"million": "^2.5.2-beta.0",
"typescript": "^5.1.6",
"webpack": "^5.88.2",
"webpack-cli": "^5.1.4",
"webpack-dev-server": "^4.15.1"

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Hmm, thank you very much @9gustin!! I should definitely document this. I’ll put a tab on this.

@tobySolutions You can view it in the repo you requested, amd I provided in the comment from Aug 1

@norbertorok92 I’ve pinged them a few times, since providing a repo and no response. I’d love to use this library, but at this point, I’m moving on. If they ever decide to put out an update, I’ll revisit. I can’t wait any longer