alx-folder-note: Folder notes no longer open when clicking on the folder (Obsidian Desktop v1.5.4)

After applying the Obsidian 1.5.4 update this morning (Insider release), folder note notes no longer open when I click on the folder.

Workaround(s): (None found so far.)

Errors from Console:

app.js:1 Failed to open view TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'navFileContainerEl')
    at t.eval (plugin:alx-folder-note:4821:45)
    at t.wrapper [as load] (plugin:alx-folder-note:4107:20)
    at t.<anonymous> (app.js:1:1418947)
    at app.js:1:237518
    at (app.js:1:237623)
    at app.js:1:236539
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at v (app.js:1:236284)
    at (app.js:1:1418819)
    at t.<anonymous> (app.js:1:1841668)
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'fileBeingRenamed')
    at eval (plugin:alx-folder-note:4274:23)
    at t.eval (plugin:alx-folder-note:4883:20)
    at t.wrapper [as onSelfClick] (plugin:alx-folder-note:4107:20)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (app.js:1:1466273)

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looks like some of the properties were renamed. here is a quick fix / work around until the official one comes through:

go to file: .obsidian/plugins/alx-folder-note/main.js

find this line item.fileExplorer.fileBeingRenamed === item.file change to item.fileExplorer?.fileBeingRenamed === item.file

find this block

    if (item && item.collapsed) {
      item.setCollapsed(false); => {
    this.fileExplorer.dom.navFileContainerEl.toggleClass(focusModeCls, !!item);

change to

    if (item && item.collapsed) {
      item.setCollapsed(false); => {
    this.fileExplorer.navFileContainerEl.toggleClass(focusModeCls, !!item);

there are probably more fixes but this works for me to get the folder to be clickable again ymmv

I’m the author of obsidian-custom-sort plugin which was also affected by the breaking changes in File Explorer introduced in Obsidian 1.5.4. To fix the problem in my plugin I invested some time in a reverse engineering of Obsidian code to track back the relevant changes and then apply the required fixes.

I’m also a user of this alx-folder-note plugin (absolutely love it!) and when I found this discussion thread today I did two things:

  1. to simplify the life of not advanced users, I’ve created a fork of this alx-folder-note repository and applied the same fixes as for my plugin. Then created an official release in the fork, which means that you can install the patched alx-folder-note, compatible with Obsidian 1.5.4 (and newer), via the well known BRAT plugin. The plugin reference to use in BRAT is or - in shorter version - SebastianMC/alx-folder-note.
  2. to expose the code changes (the actual fix) I’ve created yet another pull request (#138). It contains the full set of required code changes (the two preexisting PRs cover this partially), and it contains only these code changes, isolated, for clarity. It can be helpful if one wants to apply the patch locally

Hopefully the author will find time to take care of fixing the issue. Until then I’m switching to use the alx-folder-note plugin installed via BRAT from the mentioned forked-and-patched repository (

@CobaltMongoose this is an issue with extension, which was “working good enough” under the past conditions.

The fix was provided on January 7th, but the last extension update was over a year ago. Since that, no changes / fixes have been included. Let’s hope that the PRs will be merged

thanks for toxically triggering more comments to bump this issue. personally I don’t care, just need tools I depend on to work and now they do thanks to the workaround provided here. freezing obsidian solves my issue hope you have a fantastic day doing this to other people.

@brokeboiflex I can but it looks like there are already 2 PRs with these fixes in them as well as some additional work. It’s up to the ower of the repo to merge those when ready. @aidenlx any updates?

looks like some of the properties were renamed. here is a quick fix / work around until the official one comes through: … there are probably more fixes but this works for me to get the folder to be clickable again ymmv

Thank you so much, lx0n2acl! Works perfectly. I also want to express my profound appreciation for your willingness to tackle this right away and despite the fact that the issue was introduced by an Insider build.

Hi, I have a regular Obsidian Desktop v1.5.8 and have the same Phenomenon. This Workaround works for the v1.5.8 and seems to be necessary. Can someone please file a PR for this Plugin?

this fixed it for me as well.

I just want to say that I really, really feel for @aidenlx at this point, receiving repeated requests to deal with this repo.

If they had the capacity to do this currently, I imagine they would have done.

The thing about free software is that people make it in their spare time and offer it to others. And sometimes circumstances change and they can no longer maintain it.

And it can be easy for users to not understand the burden that repeated requests can place, in the situation. (Heck, they can be a burden even when one can maintain the project…)

An alternative to seemingly demanding that the software be updated - for free - is:

  1. be thankful that you could use it for as long as you could, for free…
  2. and then to search the Obsidian Community Store for newer plugins to see if there is one that meeds your needs.