nanoid: TypeError: (0 , _nanoid.nanoid) is not a function on v3.3.1

I have just installed latest nanoid (to replace the heavier uuid package on a webpack-based web app), and it seems to work fine at build time and runtime, but when running the tests with jest, it does not seem to properly resolve the module, resulting in TypeError: (0 , _nanoid.nanoid) is not a function.

I have seen this was already reported here, but I have tried every workaround proposed there and none of them seem to work now. Since that issue is a bit old, maybe the error is back with a different root cause this time.

I have also tried using jest’s moduleNameMapper to manually map to one of the modules from this package. I have tried index.js, index.cjs, index.browser.js and index.browser.cjs, and also, none of them fix the error.

The errors can be seen here

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Well I passed a name props so that portal does not call that nanoid function, so no more crash

The solution I found was not to use the latest version (4.x) and use a 3.x.x and that’s it

moduleNameMapper is not enough.

Try to create custom resolver