action-dependabot-auto-merge: "failed to parse title: could not detect dependency name"

using workflow's "target": 
- match:
    dependency_type: all
    update_type: 'semver:minor'

title: "Update actions/setup-node requirement to v2.1.2"
depName: undefined
Warning: failed to parse title: could not detect dependency name

Here’s the failing auto-merge run Here’s the PR itself

That depName: undefined looks suspiciously like a bug and the PR itself is pretty sane. So perhaps the mistake is that the it bailed and just did a warning.

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@peterbe definitly need more pstering towards GH …

it would be great if they expose an API so we can do this better without the magic of regexes and parsing text!

for my part, I added it on all 80+ repos in my public GitHub and 100+ in private company repos …

  1. no issues causes
  2. consistently producing the correct titles (20+ PRs came in overnight and got auto merged)

my comment about a “one off” was specifically when I told dependabot to recreate it resulted in actually recreating the PR with the correct title …

before the config change, wrong type chore for a prod dep: Screenshot_20201029-110433~2

applied the config change and asked dependabot recreate: Screenshot_20201029-110443~2

it closes the PR and made a new one with the correct type build: Screenshot_20201029-110416~2

while this example doesn’t have the “missing from x.y.z” issue, it demonstrates that dependabot config seems better enforceable with these settings

Got it working for some pr’s but also failed in one without ‘from’, a pity 😃 thanks for the fix for the other use-case

@iranzo i found it, thanks make some fixes / tests now

I got it at

Sorry I am away from keyboard and can’t provide url now