onvif: Error: ONVIF SOAP Fault: Action Not Implemented

capabilities: {
  WSPausableSubscriptionManagerInterfaceSupport: true,
  WSPullPointSupport: true,
  WSSubscriptionPolicySupport: true,
  MaxNotificationProducers: 10,
  MaxPullPoints: 5,
  PersistenNotificationStorage: false

WSPullPointSupport: true

But when i’m trying to create pull point by calling createPullPointSubscription, i’m getting this: Error: ONVIF SOAP Fault: Action Not Implemented

Is that a problem of camera or a bug?

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Hi @denissabramovs Yes, example6 includes the creation of a HTTP server and writing to the console when OVVIF Events come in. It does not feed the events into the event parser yet. But you will see from the command line if the camera is sending events back to the http server that is inside example6.js

Over in the ‘roger’ branch, example6 now includes the first part of subscriptions. I open one HTTP server for all cam objects and can tell each ONVIF event apart via its POST url.

Works well and will probably roll this out onto a project next month

It wouldn’t be hard to open a web server port for each new Cam instance on a random port and tell the camera to send events to that. Could be worth checking out!

A lot of cameras have ONVIF interfaces and their own APIs. So looks like the ONVIF API does enough to let you get the live video stream, but events are not implemented.

You may find it works with ONVIF Device Manager if you go into the Settings page (Screw Driver and Spanner, Top Right of screen) and change events to BASE SUBSCRIPTION. This is the mode where the camera sends the event to the end user all by itself. The other method requires the end user’s software to poll every 5 seconds.

I’ve not added that to this library yet. It requires this library to listen on a network port for incoming messages.

But if you don’t get that working, then you are not along. On this Issues Page I’ve helped several people with low cost ‘made in china’ cameras that only implement the minimum of ONVIF to let you view live and do PTZ.

If i’ll have more time, i’ll report in this thread.