react-native-agora: setBeautyEffectOptions not working

await RTCEngine.setBeautyEffectOptions(true, {
        lighteningContrastLevel: 1,
        lighteningLevel: 0.7,
        smoothnessLevel: 0.5,
        rednessLevel: 0.1,
I config these code but the video is not changed (not lighter, smoother or any effect) 
  Please help me! Thanks 😇

    "react-native": "0.65.1",
    "react-native-agora": "^3.5.0",

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If you want to use third-party beauty SDK, I think you should have some knowledge about native.

you can refer to this, then fork it and implement your requirement.

maybe you can try

await this._engine.setBeautyEffectOptions(true, {
      lighteningContrastLevel: LighteningContrastLevel.High,

before: image after: image

BTW, it only supports Android 4.4+

we need the agorasdk.log file, you can refer to the comments of setLogFile method.

you can fetch the sdk log on android.