git-updater: Slow AJAX performance for admin users

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🙌🏼 I’m glad we were able to find a solution to this. Thanks for reporting it and for all the work and testing you’ve done.

BTW, it’s the second shiny update without a page load in between that requires the run on admin-ajax.php 😉

On develop, I confirmed that the admin-ajax.php requests finish in ~0.8 seconds now instead of ~12 seconds in the environment above (25 GHU-aware plugins/themes present on vanilla WordPress in a local vagrant).

Also confirmed in the Pressbooks environment, frontend and backend AJAX calls dropped from ~7 seconds each to ~800ms each (700ms with GHU deactivated). Sounds like a success to me!

I also tested a shiny update (clicking “update now” on the Plugins page for a GHU-aware plugin with pending updates), and it worked fine.

Re: REST, if it were me I wouldn’t bother trying to create a real REST endpoint…the admin-ajax.php one you built works just fine, and I don’t think you can get away from the AJAX dependency because of the shiny update system in WordPress core.

Thanks for your time on this one!

Will check out the develop branch and let you know. Thanks!