git-updater: Data fetched from Bitbucket not getting new version

I am using the old: add_filter( 'github_updater_disable_wpcron', '__return_false' ); As i won’t have access to the cron job on the server that this theme will end up on.

But when it fetches data, it does not seem to read the new version.

Plugin version: 7.6.1 PHP: 5.4 Wordpress: 4.9.5

I can install the Theme via the bitbucket remote to start with. Bit it does not detect new versions. I have Version in style.css. There is no tags on the branch, and i’ve also tried another branch. Folder names for theme and repository are the same. I’ve hit the Check Again on the update page. The data recieved from the repository is ["Version"]=> string(5) "0.9.0". When the version in the repository actually is 0.9.2.

If i lower my local version, it registers. But when i increase the remote version, nothing happens.

Any help regarding this issue is highly appreciated.

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If I decrease It works yes, because the response I get as I wrote in my initial comment. Is that it receives the version I installed.

It seems odd that I can’t get around the cache.

But I am going to let it be, and check tomorrow after 12 hours have passed, and try again to see if the cache is the reason behind it.

I am going to leave the issue open until then if that’s alright with you 😃

And thank you for the fast response. It is highly appreciated.