commitsar: Add 'docker run' example / incorrect docker result

Could you add a “docker run …” command example to the repository docs? I’ve been trying to run commitsar with a direct docker run command, and I think I have it running correctly with this: docker run --rm --name="commitsar" -w /src -v "$(pwd)":/src commitsar/commitsar:0.10.0

But the result is incorrect. I ran the above container from a repository with a master branch containing 71 commits, but commitsar just finds the latest commit and reports 1 of 1 commits are not conventional commit compliant. Why are the other 70 commits ignored?

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It works, but you shouldn’t really need to define the workdir though. If you just write the entrypoint to always run in /src then you can just state in the docs that you always mount the git repo to be checked into /src and you can skip setting the workdir. Would be one thing less to consider.