cm: Selenoid image is not downloaded

DOCKER_API_VERSION=1.24 ./cm_1.2.1 version
Git Revision: 1.2.1
UTC Build Time: 2017-07-17_09:51:06AM

[root@localhost ~]# DOCKER_API_VERSION=1.24 ./cm_1.2.1 selenoid start
2017/07/19 09:02:03 Using Docker...
2017/07/19 09:02:03 url=
2017/07/19 09:02:05 Downloading Selenoid...
2017/07/19 09:02:05 Fetching tags for image "aerokube/selenoid"...
2017/07/19 09:02:05 registry.tags url= repository=aerokube/selenoid
2017/07/19 09:02:06 Trying to pull repository ... :
2017/07/19 09:02:08 Pulling from latest-release
2017/07/19 09:02:08 Digest: sha256:32f6fb08178398a18f3b19e98b40cd8fb8e49941c527bf74045714f6df10cd66: latest-release
2017/07/19 09:02:08 Selenoid is already configured
2017/07/19 09:02:08 Starting Selenoid...
2017/07/19 09:02:08 Failed to start: Selenoid image is not downloaded: this is probably a bug

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After discussing this stuff with guys I can state that “permission denied” is distribution specific Docker issue. In order to be as simple as possible and distribution-agnostic cm should not contain such specific hacks. Closing for the moment. But this can be reopened if more facts come into play.